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Featured in the Berklee College of Music Alumni Notes of their quarterly publication, "Berklee Today".
(Love Is) The Game
Only Love I Want To Know
Can't Let Go
Wasted Mind
Jul 16, 2020
Live Concert Series with Burl Audio!
Burl Audio is hosting a series of live, virtual showcase concerts starting at the end of summer 2020. As one of Burl Audio's featured artists, Allison will be orchestrating string quartet arrangements for the sultry Brazilian music of Carla Hassett, backed by Sérgio Mendes's band - coming to you through a virtual live stream, from Studio 1 (yep, that's the big one!) in East West Studios in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more information, this will be the headliner show of this concert series!
Today we’d like to introduce you to Allison Piccioni.
BURL TV Summer Concert Series Live Stream | Episode 9 featuring Holland Greco
Join us for a special evening with Holland Greco at Eastwest Studios, Studio 2 in Hollywood CA. Holland Greco - Vocals & Electric Uke Caitlin Moss - Drums & BVs - @caitlinmossdrums / Allison Piccioni - Keys & BVs - @allisonpiccioni19 Chris Dellosa - Synths Joshua Lopez - Guitar - @larryleron74 Shawn Davis - Bass - @gwarble4001 Dayna Drew Richards - Trumpet - @dayna_drew Elizabeth Lea - Trombone - @fancylea Dan Greco - Percussion
BURL TV Summer Concert Series Live Stream | Episode 10 featuring Carla Hassett
Carla Hassett, winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize in jazz, performs her original music. With a palette of Brazilian music and American pop, Carla and her band, Grecco Buratto (k.d.Lang, Shakira), Andre de Santanna (Jason Mraz, Sergio Mendes), Léo Costa (Bebel Gilberto, Sergio Mendes), Alberto Lopez (Jungle Fire, Natalia Lafourcade), Brandon Coleman (Kamasi Washington, Alicia Keys), are joined by the Saga Strings with arrangements by Allison Piccioni.


Otamatone 😜 melodica 💨 saxophone 🎷 clarinet 🎶 electric piano 🎹 organ 🤘🏼guitar 🎸upright bass 🎻 hand bell 🔔 hand drum 🥁 claves 🎧 wooden cooking spoons 🥄 baby wipes 👶🏼 Clorox spray, rice & sugar shakers 🍚 orange juice, a cat with cabin fever 😼 and two full time musicians 👩🏼‍💻👨🏼‍💻 with too many musical toys and clean laundry quarantined 😷 with one Neumann microphone 🎙
A Beachy Jam
Having a little afternoon hang with my favorite crew! Allison Piccioni on keys, bells, and vocals, Dylan Galvin on guitar, vocals, and beatbox, Al Kim on bass and vocals, and Nathan Tellers rocking cajon! Man I love you guys. More of this eclectic ensemble to come!
Allison Piccioni LIVE!
Opening for Billy Idol at Petco Park in San Diego
Only Love I Want To Know | Lyric Video
I wrote this song with the stylistic intentions of capturing the mood of the music of Colbie Caillait. Simple, yet musically unique, with that fun, easy, beachy vibe!
Choke | Lyric Video
My intent with this song was to capture the obsession that surrounds us in our modern day hand-held-device wielding world. This could be the obsession with vanity and self image, an obsession with social media and treating life like a performance, or just the general obsession with perfectionism.
Wasted Mind | Lyric Video
Wasted Mind is about the struggle with addiction.
We Are One Heartbeat by Allison Piccioni (Tribute to Chardon High School)
After hearing about the shooting on 27 February 2012 at my hometown high school, Chardon High, I wanted to somehow reach out to them during this tragic time while currently living in London, England. I wrote and recorded "We Are One Heartbeat". To Chardon, my thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope this song can help you pull through.
Keys Solo @ The Viper Room
Viper Room Los Angeles, Lele Rose and the Thornettes
Tour 2019
Incoming, outgoing, and upcoming RAD projects!
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Originally from Ohio, Allison (AKA Rocky Rose) is currently a Los Angeles film composer, orchestrator, arranger, performing artist, singer/songwriter and recording musician. She graduated from Berklee College of Music with a BA of Music in Film Scoring and achieved her Master's of Music in Composition for Screen from the Royal College of Music, London.

Allison played on a national tour for the Broadway musical Evita, playing over 72 shows in 30 venues across a 17,000 mile span of the United States. She is currently in the studio recording for the upcoming album of Creighton Fraker, an American Idol finalist.

As a recording musician, Allison has recorded with Burl Audio at The VillageEast West Studios, and Woodshed Studio and has worked with 4 time Grammy award winning producer Rob Carranza as well as Grammy award winning producer Matt Champlin amongst countless other studio projects

Allison is proud to officially be a Burl Audio Featured Artist amongst a list of music legends! Stay tuned for more recordings and video footage from recent Burl Events. She is endorsed by Get'm Get'm Accessories and models the newest line of saxophone straps!

Check out the Composer side of Rocky Rose at: 

Rocky Rose is a:

  • Multi-Instrumentalist
  • composer
  • arranger
  • orchestrator
  • performer
  • synth programmer
  • recording musician
  • touring artist

She Performs as a:

  • Keyboardist
  • Synth Wizard
  • Singer
  • alto saxophonist
  • guitarist
  • bassist


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