Her Song
Her SongRocky Rose
(Love Is) The Game
(Love Is) The GameRocky Rose
Only Love I Want To Know
Only Love I Want To KnowRocky Rose
Wasted Mind
Wasted MindRocky Rose
Can't Let Go
Can't Let GoRocky Rose
ChokeRocky Rose

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"Her Song"
A dear friend of mine since high school passed away this year in a tragic and sudden car accident. His dad called me and told me he found what looked like song lyrics inside of one of Bert's notebooks... and I just had to bring them to life. I hardly changed any of them - they were perfect the way they were, and only made a few small additions, and wrote this song (through many boxes of Kleenex) trying to get this finished. After all, the opening lyric line is "It's the end of December and the end of a year".. This is my homage to you, Bert, I love you and miss you and know that you were here with me as I was writing this. We wore flannel shirts in your honor my friend! It was always your style. Huge thank you to my husband Mike for curating the guitars and upright bass in the song, and for recording and mixing. We even used my first acoustic guitar, my Takamine, for the recording - because that's the same guitar I played for all of my Ohio shows that Bert always attended. Rest in peace my friend, you are missed. Sending all my love to the Chorman family. Use gift code HERSONG at checkout for FREE access to my "Her Song" Artist Penthouse! 🥀
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I found the crew... I rented a 1959 Chevy Corvette... 

I got all dolled up & have a hot new single 

"Let's Ride" coming at you!




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Rocky Rose is a:

  • multi-Instrumentalist
  • composer
  • arranger
  • orchestrator
  • performer
  • synth programmer
  • recording musician
  • touring artist

She performs as a:

  • keyboardist
  • synth wizard
  • singer
  • alto saxophonist
  • guitarist
  • bassist

Originally fromOriginally from Ohio, Allison Piccioni (AKA Rocky Rose) is currently a Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist film composer, orchestrator, arranger, performing artist, synth programmer, singer/songwriter, recording and touring musician. 

She graduated from Berklee College of Music with a BA of Music in Film Scoring and achieved her Master's of Music in Composition for Screen from the Royal College of Music, London.

Allison is a film composer and Professor of Composition for Screen & Orchestration. "This Changes Everything", the latest documentary fronted by Geena Davis that she wrote the music for, is now streaming on Netflix! This documentary takes a deep look at gender disparity in Hollywood through the eyes of well-known actresses and female film makers. 

Allison is the touring keyboardist for Persian pop star Siavash Ghomayshi, hitting 6 countries in 2019 and heading back to Istanbul September 2021. She also played on a national tour for the Broadway musical Evita, playing over 72 shows in 30 venues across a 17,000 mile span of the United States. 

Allison performs as a keyboardist, synth wizard, singer, alto saxophonist, guitarist and bassist. As a recording musician, she has recorded with Burl Audio at The VillageEast West Studios, and Woodshed Studio and has worked with 4 time Grammy award winning producer Rob Carranza as well as Grammy award winning producer Matt Champlin amongst countless other studio projects.

Allison is proud to officially be a Burl Audio Featured Artist amongst a list of music legends! Stay tuned for more recordings and video footage from recent Burl Events. 

She is endorsed by Get'm Get'm Accessories and models the newest line of saxophone straps and is a brand ambassador for Blenders Eyewear - use code rockyrosemusic for a discount!

Check out the composer side of Rocky Rose at: 

Jul 16, 2020
Live Concert Series with Burl Audio!
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